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    BESTFON abundant pays attention to you to use in our product and service all questions and the difficulty, makes every effort through the enterprise website, the guest to take the hot line, the email, the homepage message, and so on the way contact BESTFON abundant interaction centers, enjoys to pre-sale, sells, post-sale and including the product consultation, the technical support service correlation information inquiry and so on omni-directional, the multimedia standard service.


Technical Support and Service
Prompt, Specialized, Sincere
Many kinds of Communication Way


Telephone consultation: Hot line: 0769-82092078 82092079

Email consultation:

Facsimile consultation: 0769-82092076

Network online service:

Services and the replacement: According to the actual condition and the customer demand carry on the  service or there placement

Structure Functional Design

    BESTFON Technology Corporation. since its inception in 1995, its population uphold humility and hard work, and try to do our best customers entrust cases.

    Our team will give customer satisfaction. Accumulated a wealth of practical experience in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China and other places, to allow customers to avoid job losses and delays caused by two sides.

    Complete combines appearance and mechanical design, the production problems encountered are discussed in advance with the customer, based on the principle of the best cost-effective for the customer, while maintaining perfect product, it is important to the spirit of our product design.

The aesthetic appearance of the concept

    BESTFON Technology Corporation. led the market trend fashion boutique 3C, 3C redefine the concept of fashion!

    Following the fashion minimalist boutique-style reel technology, fashion aesthetics play again in 2014 spring and summer with "modern macarons zipper principle", the "storage. Fashion" combines the link portable devices 3C, the cable is completely fine texture appearance show! The life science and technology, personal style, art and design the perfect integration, Hung wide wire to meet consumer demand for fashionable appearance and desire!

OEM / ODM integration process

    BESTFON Technology Corporation. has 24 years of history, the company's business strategy for the international market, product diversification, through the ISO 9001: 2000 the international quality certification. With automatic reel, worldwide patented AC Power Adaptor, USB Locker other products. Hung Kwong assist the development of design, injection, assembly, packaging, and other professional services. Future, will be 20 years of OEM experience, play and apply existing technology to develop more high-value products, global marketing.

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